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Beatrix and Baby Bea




Beatrix and Baby Bea

Beatrix is a rag doll to love and to keep with her own little raggy Baby Bea. Both have instructions for their hand-drawn faces, using pen and pencil, Beatrix's with a little optional needle sculpting. Beatrix's muslin and lace dress is removable as is her pretty pinafore.She also wears muslin and lace bloomers and has sewn in booties decorated with yoyos. Her boucle hair is tied up with lace and also decorated with a yoyo. Baby Bea wears a muslin blouse, lace and muslin bloomers, gathered pinny and lace collar. Her hair is made from torn fabric strips bunched up with ribbon ties. Beatrix is 66cm (26in) and Baby Bea is 30cm (12in).