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Franny and Pocket Little




Franny and Pocket Little

Franny is a fun loving raggy all dressed up to play with her special friend Pocket Little. Her head is made and sewn on separately, and her face is hand drawn and coloured using fine pen and delicate pencil work. Her arms and legs are also made separately and are jointed. Franny’s swing dress has a back opening tied with ribbon, and gathered sleeves with contrast cuffs. Her smock sits over the top and is buttoned at the shoulders. It has a large front pocket where her little playmate lives. She wears pantaloons underneath. Her hair is made of yarn and is cut into a bob and tied up in a little bunch on top. Pocket Little has her hair tied in a big bunch on top. Her head, body and arms are all in one piece with stitching at the joints to allow movement. She wears a little dress gathered around the neck with ribbon ties, and matching shorts underneath.